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To celebrate this year, we've put together a collection of BDSM products for use in role-play scenes.
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We've prepared an article dedicated to this special day.

Scene Ideas for BDSM Play: Teacher/Professor and Student

Roleplay and dressing up is a great play idea for kinksters! The first type that a lot of people think of is the teacher and student role play (or professor and student). This is written noting that it is not everybody's cup of tea, and that is okay! These are guidelines and ideas and you should adapt and modify and expand on them to suit you and your dynamic and both your limits and desires. We also want to emphasise that this is play between consenting adults.

You can make role play scenes great fun and still have the power exchange while keeping it lighthearted, exciting and fun! To get into the mindset, you could set the stage with your physical surroundings ie. dining room table or home office, although this is far less important than using your imagination and immersing yourself in the mental component of the scene!

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