Position Enhancer Buying Guide and Specifications

Position enhancers are very versatile! They help with exploring new positions and support disability or physical difficulties. Below we have put together each of our award winning products along with specification for them. We have the best for Under $50, $75 and Full Size Pillows.


How to Choose a Position Enhancer and What are the Specifications

Max Load: This is the weight the item can carry; you just need to make sure that the load is above your weight.
Outer Material: What the material is on the outside of the pillow. Having used them all, microfibre is the best but flocking is still very nice.
Inner Material: The material that supports the structure. Air or high density foam. Air is better for storage but foam carries more weight.
Size:  Size of the product
Other Features: Some have a space for a vibrator or come with a built-in air pump


Under $50 

Inflatable Position Enhancers, Easy Storage and use

Under $75

Wide, Robust and Microfibre

Full Size

These are the large and strong position enhancers