Crops & Canes Buyer's Guide


What is a crop?

Riding crops are long semi-flexible poles with a looped or cute design at the end, which is the part you strike with and that makes the noise. Once you fall in love with crops, walk into a horse gear shop and you will feel the buzz of new toy excitement and find so many to add to your collection!

How is a crop used?

Grip the crop with the base handle and make contact with the tip of the crop. It should make a noticeable noise. If you strike with the 'pole' instead, that can be extremely stingy and painful so make sure to take care to just hit with the tag-like end.

You could try using it as a cane however we do not recommend this as crops were not designed to be used that way!

You can tap them lightly in a fun and playful way or use more force. You could make impact in a predictable pattern or rhythm and then mix it up to keep your submissive/bottom in an excited anticipatory state. Just when they think they know when the next hit will land ... think again! Try hitting it on yourself to understand the difference in sensations.

How to choose a crop?


Choose/find a colour you like! Pink and purple for non-threatening playfulness or a dark sexy colour for a more intense playtime?


The tip is the most noticeable feature. Unless you are changing the material of the tip, the look does not really change the sensation. You could go for something fun like a heart or just a standard leather tip. If you choose one with rivets or another special feature, be mindful that this will change how it feels on impact.


Crops will vary in shaft flexibility. It is the flexibility that makes a difference in how hard an impact you can create. A less flexible crop can create a more gentler sensation or a more rigid shafted crop could produce a more stingy sensation.


Length will affect flexibility and how you can use it. Longer crops are likely to be more flexible. Also consider how much space you have - if you have a longer crop you are going to need more room to stand with your partner. 


Crops can't be bent or folded for storage so make sure you have somewhere to store your crop where it is either flat or hanging. Most crops will come with a wrist loop that you can also use to hang it up by.


Most crops are designed for an average hand, so if your hand is smaller or larger than average, you may want to consider the measurements of the handle to ensure a comfortable grip.

Wrist loop

Most crops include a wrist loop - it is a feature that horse riders like because it means the crop can stay in their hands even with the movement of a horse! It is a matter of personal preference whether you use that in BDSM play. Some people prefer just to use the wrist loop for storage purposes.



This crop might look unintimidating but flip it over and the tip has rivets! Great for a different sensory experience




Soft faux leather great for vegans. Only 40cm in length so more suited to use in smaller spaces




Safe to use with a soft leather head, rubber grip handle and wristband!  Measures approx. 67cm in length so you will need a bit of room to play


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Questions to ask yourself when choosing a cane:

1. Are you a beginner?

If yes, go for a light rattan cane. The stiffer and shorter the better if you are new to caning.

2. Do you want natural or synthetic?

Both feel differently and produce a broad spectrum of sensations. If you are starting out, natural canes like rattan are the way to go as synthetic canes are more intense.

3. Do you want thuddy or stingy (or studdy!)?

Thuddy canes are most likely to leave bruises. The thuddiest canes are dragon canes (a denser, heaver rattan). Synthetic canes are fairly thuddy and the wider the diameter you choose, the more thuddy they will be.

Stingy canes are thinner, whippier canes such as 10mm or thinner rattan canes. They are less likely to bruise although with force you can still achieve some pretty markings.

4. What length do you want?

Shorter canes mean more control and you can be closer to your partner, so well suited to playing in smaller spaces. Shorter length also means less chance of wrapping. A good length is 60cm.

Longer canes are more intense because they can give greater impact and are around 80-90cm long. You don't want to go too long as it becomes harder to use more force and be in control of them.

5. Straight or crook handle?

A crook handle is like a traditional old school cane. They can be awkward to use and in the middle of a scene it is much easier to hold onto a straight handle.

6. Rigid or flexible?

Stiff canes are easier to control and tend to be wider and thuddier. Whippy flexible canes require more practice and are stingier and thinner. 

7. What material?

A lot of canes are made of different types of rattan. Synthetic canes can be made of nylon, delrin or PTFE. Be careful if you are finding rods made of other materials to use as bamboo can shatter and splinter and acrylic can snap.



With a comfortable grip and a diameter of 8mm or 10mm, these are a perfect 60cm long for beginners. They don't usually leave bruises but do leave red 'stripes'!



These canes are made of 8 rods for extra impact! With a straight handle and 60cm long, they are great for beginners and those wanting to experiment with sensations



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Have fun playing and experimenting and playing some more!