Paddles Buyer's Guide

Paddles are a great impact play toy to have in your BDSM collection! They are great for beginners as they are easy to use and keep control of. There are a huge range of materials and sizes and shapes out there. We recommend trying them all to see what you like the best. The size and shape and material help determine the Ouch level! 

We have set out below some of the things you might like to consider when deciding what to try first:

Know your sensation preferences - heavy, light, gentle, intense

Do you want stingy or thuddy? Some paddles will be hard and intense and deep whereas others will sound hollow and the sound of it landing will be far worse than how it feels.

The force of the swing and how heavy it lands is what ultimately determines how heavy a spanking is, but if you use something lighter you will require a lot more force than if you start with a heavier material like thick wood.

Consider the intensity and marks

Consider what type of spanking you are aiming for :

  • A light spanking: spanking with a hand or wooden spoon which will leave the bottom pink and tender for a few hours

  • A medium spanking: harder than light! And leaving the submissive feeling their spanks when they sit for the rest of the day

  • A heavy spanking: makes sitting down hard the first day and a reminder for the days after that.

Discuss hard limits and whether your partner can have bruises or not.

Think about materials

Do you like smooth, sexy leather paddles? Or hardcore wide wooden paddles?

There are so many materials available including leather, wood, faux leather, plastic and many more. Each can produce different sensations.

How many bottoms will your paddle touch?

Make sure you choose a paddle that can be sterilised if you are going to be spanking multiple people with the one paddle.

Designs and the overall look

Choose your favourite colours and appearances!

Compare the handles

You want to be swinging in comfort and also be able to hold your paddle safely. So consider the size and material of the paddle to make sure it will be comfortable and will fit well in your hands. A wrist loop is great for extra safety and for storing it.

This is a very solid, vintage-style paddle. It gives a good heavy impact and would be a great paddle to warm up with as you could hit gently with it and gradually build up the intensity.

This paddle is one of our favourites. You can deliver a forceful punch without the intense pain of a heavier paddle. Plus it looks pretty cool!

This paddle is very versatile and you can get some great sounds when it thwacks a bottom. With a wrist loop for safety, we also love the heart design on the handle. 

Paddles and BDSM do not have to be hardcore. We love this for the different sensory experience of spanking with fur.