Floggers Buyer's Guide

Floggers are one of the most versatile impact play toys in BDSM scenes! Whether you drape it seductively along your submissive's body and caress them lovingly with it or meditatively and rhythmically gently hit them, or produce thuddy, stingy, ouchy, subspace inducing sensations!

They are perfect for beginners but as your skill increases you can challenge yourself with how you use them.

For a comprehensive guide to using and choosing a flogger, check out our Skills 101 article HERE.

This guide will summarise the tips for choosing them and have a look at a few of our favourites and point out their characteristics to hopefully help you choose the best one for you!


1. Pick out colours

2. Know your budget

3. Understand the basics of flogger materials (this affects the different sensations and impacts each will make)

    • Do you want stingy or thuddy? 
    Suede and heavy leather floggers will be thuddier, as will longer floggers. Lighter materials like paracord will be more sensual. Silicone light floggers will be very stingy!
      • Sensual or intense?
      Most floggers are so versatile that you can get both a sensual caress or an intense experience out of the one toy.
        • Do you want light or heavy?
        See our comments above about stingy and thuddy? The heavier the flogger the more thuddy. The lighter the flogger the more sensual. Also consider your strength as if you are playing in intense heavy impact scenes, you will need the muscle strength to be able to swing a heavy flogger.
        Lighter floggers are also more difficult to control, whereas a weighted balanced flogger will provide thud and be easiest to control.
        Also the longer the flogger is the heavier it will be.
          • Do you want a long or standard length?
          Extra length gives extra thud and intensity and accuracy which makes them very versatile, as you can be intense or gentle with the one flogger.
          A standard length means you can be closer to your partner making it more intimate. They may be more ideal for bedroom play where the space is smaller. Shorter floggers might also be easier to control when you are just starting out. There is also less chance of 'wrapping' around your partner's body with a shorter flogger.
            • Are you a vegan?
            Go for a latex, rope or plastic flogger as well as faux leather designs.
            If you are not vegan or vegetarian, leather and suede tails are very popular.
              • Do you want one or a pair?

              One is more than sufficient if you are starting out. Buying a pair when you are more experienced opens up more possibilities of techniques and rhythms.

              4. Read product reviews

              5. Know how you will store and care for your flogger

              6. Practice using it

              Then play, play and play some more!

              This is a great sensual flogger. Made of rope, light to use and with few tails, practice using it so your tails land in the right place. Good for lighter, teasing play mixed up with some harder hits.

              LENGTH: 60cm     MATERIAL: Rope

              Great for vegans and with a stylish braided handle and thin black and red falls, this is a great beginner's flogger. Balanced weight and not too heavy, you can get some heavier impact out of it with force, but does tend towards the more stingy side with the thinner tails. The wrist loop is great for storage or extra safety when swinging!

              LENGTH: 64.5cm    MATERIAL: Faux leather

              Floggers are all about versatility and this one is no different! With braided tails leading to non-braids at the end, you can explore sensations from the very tips as well as the braided section. This one is a little heavier as it is made of genuine leather.

              LENGTH: 75cm     MATERIAL: Leather

              These mini silicone floggers are all about the sting! Short enough to use at close distance and with a handful of very thin silicone tails, it is light to use but effective. Also great as a sensual toy for stroking and tickling your submissive's body.

              LENGTH: 40cm     MATERIAL: Silicone



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