Dildos Buyer's Guide

If you are in a 'vanilla' relationship, bringing sex toys into the bedroom can help spice up your sex life. And for those in BDSM relationships, dildos can bring all sorts of fun into your scenes!

But there are literally thousands and thousands to choose from. So how on earth do you decide what to buy?

First think about what you want it to accomplish for you. Is it for self-pleasure or for intense dungeon play?

Size: Length and diameter

Diameter is the girth of the dildo - how wide across it is. A larger diameter means a thicker dildo. If you enjoy the feeling of being stretched, you might like to go for something larger. If you are looking for specific sensations or to stimulate your G-spot, you may like something a bit smaller.

Length is how long it is. This is not such a big deal as choosing the right diameter, because if it is too long, just don't insert it the whole way! You may even like something a little longer so that it is easier to handle.



Dildos can vary greatly in shape from your traditional penis look-alike to an alien tentacle! It is completely up to you which shape you prefer. If you are trying to replicate a penis, you may choose a more traditional dildo. Or you might choose something a little more creative to create sensations that a penis shape cannot deliver. 

Choosing one with a suction cup gives you slightly more options for play as you can attach it to the floor or a wall for hands-free stimulation.




There are two main things to consider when choosing what material your dildo is made of. The feel of it - is it squishy or firm? And sanitation - how easy to clean is it.

The feel is up to your personal preference and what sensations you would like to feel!

In relation to cleanliness, non-porous materials are best as they do not allow dirt and bacteria to live inside your dildo and they are generally softer. If you own dildos made of porous surfaces such as jelly dildos, they should not be shared.

We recommend silicone dildos as it is non-porous and come in various densities so range from really quite hard to squishable! Glass and metal and also fun and great for temperature sensations!




There are different types of dildos apart from your standard ones such as squirting dildos, thrusting dildos, realistic dildos, fantasy dildos, dildos that can attach to sex machines and more!



Now that you have chosen one, how do you use it? 

Hit the G-spot! As you pull it out, apply pressure so that it hits the top of your vagina and then once you have found the spot and are pushing it back in, aim for that spot!

Twist and swerve! Many dildos are textured or with various ridges and bumps, twist it as you move it in and out for extra sensations.

Shallow or deep? Mix up penetration with short shallow thrusts and long deeper ones to maximise pleasure!

Aim down. Penetrate downwards at an angle for extra stimulation.



Realistic dildos

Designed to replicate a real life penis! They come in all shapes and sizes just like the real thing. Easy to handle, easy to use and designed for pleasure, they are a great option for beginners.

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Non-realistic dildos

There are a huge range of fantasy dildos out there. Why not try some and see what different sensations they can create that a 'normal'-shaped cock can't!

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Glass dildos

Try putting a glass dildo in a bowl of cold water or in the fridge or in a bowl of warm water before insertion. Explore new temperature sensations!

Explore Glass Dildos

Anal dildos

Anal toys add a whole new level of stimulation and sensations. Start small if you are new to anal and get bigger as you get comfortable. It will hit nerve endings you didn't know you had!

Just make sure you choose products with a flared base as you don't want anything to get lost in your backdoor!

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Strap-on dildos and harnesses 

Strap-ons are brilliant for penetration in same-sex female couples or for those who want to try pegging and role reversal! Strap-on play is not just about intense BDSM play; it can also be sensual and intimate.

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Large dildos

If you love length and big girth, these are for you! Pushing pleasure and your vagina to the limits, there are some huge dildos out there.

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Double-ended dildos

Double ended dildos can help turn fantasies into realities! You can be double-penetrated yourself or you could even share nicely and you and your partner share the penetration at once.

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