Featured Author - Steven Z Reynolds

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Steven Zane Reynolds thought he had a solid career until the time his construction business went bust.  It was at that point that he found himself working in the dark and bizarre BDSM world of Bilboes, whence his truly adventurous story began.

About the series:

Bilboes: n - a bar with sliding shackles for confining prisoners' ankles.

Welcome to Bilboes - an exclusive bondage and discipline enterprise run by the beautiful Monica Armstrong, where handcuffs, butt plugs, nipple clamps and ball-gags are de rigueur dress for clients and residents alike. In a world centred on the bizarre and extreme desires of her male and female clients, Monica and her hand-picked group of insatiable Dominants and submissives cater for all manner of role-playing sexual scenarios. Their tools of trade line the walls of the Bilboes fetish store room - the floggers, canes, dildos, corsets, hoods and high-heeled boots. But what had begun as a money-making business in the basement dungeons of Bilboes slowly turns ugly as Monica's small team of beautiful women find themselves caught up in a series of strict erotic adventures that take them around the globe, tracking slave traders, rogue Dommes and villains bent on exterminating Bilboes and subjugating its residents.

The bondage-obsessed lives of the six women and their reluctant male companion are turned inside out as the forces of evil mount against them in a constant battle for dominance, where survival, escape from, and revenge on criminals, deviants and psychopathic villainesses happens at breathless speed. Role-playing becomes the real thing as safe-words are abandoned and vindictive proclivities are unleashed in a world of ropes, chains, leather and latex. The stakes are raised ever higher as restrictive devices and predicament bondage are taken to new and devious levels.

Following in the footsteps of the legendary Robert Bishop and his Fanni Hall series from the 1970's and 80's, Steven Reynolds brings to the table two decades of the classic BDSM adventures of the Bilboes team - a kinky version of Charlie's Angels in a compelling series of graphic full-length novels, recommended for the devout S&M aficionado.

We recommend reading these in order as below:

1. Monica's Rules
2. Monica and the Black Dragon Triad
3. Monica's Revenge - The Black Dragon Triad
4. Monica and the Arabian Conspiracy
5. Monica's Travels - Enemy Territory
6. Monica and the Black Fortress
7. Monica's Nemesis - Captives of Shark Island
8. The Abduction of Monica
9. Monica's Legacy - The Cartel

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