Sex Frame Furniture Buying Guide and Specifications

BDSM Frame Furniture will hold anyone down tight allowing you to tease or torture. Below we have put together each of our award winning products along with specifications for them.

Most Versatile BDSM Frame 

Best Value BDSM Frame 

Best for under $150 BDSM Frame 

Adjustable BDSM Frame 

Best Professional BDSM Frame 


How to Choose a Sex Frame and What are the Specifications

Material: Stainless steel is a must!

Cuff Size: Adjustable is the way to go

Size: Total size of frame

Other Features: Dildos are nice


Under $200

Great to start out and pack away

Under $300

Triangle bar spreaders

Best Value for Money

Just look at this thing! Woah

Professional Frames

Big and Encompassing