Sex Swing Buying Guide and Specifications

Sex Swings are amazing! They help with new positions, allow you to be more adventurous in your play, support the players to allow you to play for longer, and support disability or physical difficulty. Below we have put together each of our award winning products along with specifications for them.

Most Versatile Sex Swing

Portable Sex Swing

Best Value Sex Swing

Best for Weight Sex Swing

Multi Use Sex Swing

Best Professional Sex Swing


How to Choose a Sex Swing and What are the Specifications

Max Load: This is the weight the swing can carry. You just need to make sure that the load is above your weight.

Hanger: This is the material of the tripod hanger or the frame. Stainless steel is a must. Iron is better.

Hook Count: Amount of hook locations on the frame/hanger or straps from the swing. The more the merrier.

Pad Material: As you move up in price, the materials become better and naturally the full hammocks use leather or EVA material for absolute comfort.

Strap Material: All straps are nylon due to its durability and strength.

Features: Additional info on the sex swing


Under $100

Great Portable and versatile devices, Perfect for starting out


Under $150

The next step up to take more weight and greater comfort


Professional Series

Take it to the next level, multi use, portable and strong