Affiliate Program (Not Accepting New Applicants)

House of Dasein Ambassadors

Sorry to say we have over 100 Ambassadors at this time and will not be accepting new applicants.

Share, Educate, Recommend and Earn

First, we are looking for genuine people to work with that like our products and understand kink and the culture around it.

Second, we are not here to ram product down our followers throats! One of our best programs is promoting education articles and buyer guides. Build trust and knowledge and the rest will come.


How we work with you:

-Brand Guide
-Promotion recommendations
-Our Promotion schedule
-2 Banner packs for your webpage, Instagram, facebook, twitter etc... 
-Custom coupon code for your followers
-link for you to use to refer traffic
-6% commission on each sale that comes from your network
-Huge Discounts on products for you depending on your affiliate level


We will then work with you for your first promotion and work out something special for your followers

Share House of Dasein with your audience and monetize your web site, blog, facebook or instagram.

In our referral program dashboard. You'll find everything you need to recommend us to your friends. We've created a unique 'Tell a friend' link just for you. Make sure when you recommend us you give your friends this link, which will let us know that you recommended them.

We've also created some handy shortcuts if you'd like to share your link via email or your favorite social networks.


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