Types of Submissives

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Types of Submissives

This is a very general article about types of submissives. There is no one specific 'label' to suit one submissive! You may have traits of two or seven or none of these and your own unique traits. You don't have to pigeon-hole yourself as one type - you can just be you. All these traits and behaviours and styles of submission can be relevant to male or female subs or whatever you identify as. When we refer to a Dominant, you can also read that as Domme, and when we refer to a submissive, you can read that as him/her.

And lastly! Not all of these might be your cup of tea and that is okay. We are all unique subbies and our Dominants own us and want us and accept us for who we are. The best thing about being in a beautiful D/s relationship is that you can be you! There is never-ending learning and trying new things and playing different ways and so much exploring to be done. You can completely surrender control one day and want to be chased and tackled the next! That doesn't change who you are as a sub - it just means there are so many things to try. Have fun, adore your Domme/Dominant and enjoy everything this lifestyle offers you!




Learning about the different types of submissives can help you find your ideal flavour of submission. Keep in mind that there is plenty of room for experimentation and submission can be like a buffet where you can pick different aspects of submission to form who you are. People are complicated and very rarely fit into one specific type! This list is by no means exhaustive! It just covers some of the types of subs:

1.  True submissive / Acolyte

The “true” submissive / Acolyte is often very aware first of the wants, needs and expectations of their Dominant, and not so concerned with her own wants, needs and expectations. The true submissive will usually be found off to the side and out of the way of everyone, rather than openly interacting with people, however they can be trained out of these types of behaviour so that they understand that they have a voice and can be involved in conversations and have wants and needs. With good guidance and training, these submissives can easily turn out to be great submissives, or they can turn into one of the other six types mentioned here.

Examples: acting shy, avoiding interaction or isolating so they don’t step on toes


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2. “Little girl” or "Princess" submissive


The Little, sometimes referred to as a Baby, Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Princess, Little Girl or Little One is a submissive who finds great joy in embracing her inner child. This sort of age play often involves behaving, speaking, dressing in a child-like manner, or engaging in typical child-appropriate activities, and may or may not involve sex or other adult-appropriate themes. While most Littles and their Daddy Doms find age play to be sexually stimulating, there are also many who simply find comfort in the simulated adult/child dynamic and do not associate it in any way with sex.

Littles can be giggly and cute and can use all their cute little tricks to wrap people around her little finger. They may not get along with other little girl types as they want all the attention and don’t like threats to their level of attention. This is not necessarily the same as a ‘little’ who likes to play in age play in BDSM scenes.

3. Submissive brat

The Brat submissive remains one of the most widely misunderstood and mischaracterized categories, often becoming the subject of numerous jokes. A Brat is typically a well-behaved submissive who incorporates mischievousness, teasing, and selective defiance or disobedience into their Dominant-submissive dynamic. Ideally, this behavior occurs with the full awareness and at least the implied approval of their Dominant; however, problems can arise when this is not the case. Submissives who adopt Brat-like behavior without the approval of their Dominants are referred to as phony submissives.

In the D/s lifestyle, there is a prevalent misconception that Brats only display their mischievous side with other Dominants and submissives, not with their own Dominants. This notion overlooks the fact that the dynamic between the submissive and their Dominant defines their behavior. No submissive (or Dominant, for that matter) should be solely defined by how they interact with individuals outside their relationship. Believing this would render categorizations meaningless and impossible.

The idea that a Brat submissive behaves perfectly with their Dominant while being challenging, rude, or disrespectful to everyone else defies credibility. It is more plausible that the submissive's bratty behavior is universal but is either overlooked or condoned by a complicit Dominant who prefers to keep their difficulty in dealing with it a secret. The internet is filled with tutorials for frustrated Dominants on "How to Train Your Bratty Submissive," but many of them miss the point entirely. Instead, they should focus on "How to Spot and Avoid a Phony Submissive."

4. Service sub / The Domestic

Service subs love to perform tasks for their dominant partners. Serving can take on practical elements such as chores, errands, and paying bills. It can also include servicing their partners sexually. 

Examples: cooking, serving drinks, acting as human furniture, kneeling, sexual service, cleaning, planning, taking pride in tasks done for your Dominant

5. The Cow / Pig Submissive

The submissive known as the Cow/Pig is someone who finds pleasure in being treated like a domesticated farm animal. In contrast to the Pet submissive, the Cow/Pig thrives on experiences of humiliation, degradation, and abuse from their Dominant. Typically, this type of submissive is best suited for a Sadistic Dom. The relationship dynamic often revolves around emphasizing the real or perceived unattractiveness of the submissive, and it's not uncommon for them to undergo frequent or extreme body modifications, such as branding or scarification.

The Cow/Pig submissive tends to feel most comfortable in enclosures like cages, crates, or pens. These spaces may be used for playtime, specific parts of the day, or even for sleeping. It's a rare occurrence for Cow/Pig submissives to be allowed on household furniture; instead, they might be expected to consume table scraps or slop from a bowl or trough placed on the floor.

Interestingly, despite the prevailing notion of the Cow/Pig submissive being deemed unworthy, subhuman, and unattractive, their Dominant almost always manages to summon the courage to engage in intimate activities with them. The intricacies of this dynamic remain puzzling.

6. Masochist / Pain Slut

The Pain Slut is commonly identified as an extreme masochist, finding pleasure or arousal in intense and extreme sensations of pain. While masochists exist across various submissive categories, Pain sluts have their distinct category within the realm of submission for a straightforward reason. The primary focus, attraction, and fetish of a Pain slut revolve around pain—pure, uncomplicated, and in substantial quantities. While many masochists in other categories appreciate pain as a positive aspect of a relationship, the Pain slut takes it to an extreme level. For them, pain is often not just a good thing; it is frequently considered the best thing, and sometimes, the only thing.

The use of the suffix "slut" is intentional in this context. Pain sluts are frequently recognized not only for their extreme masochistic tendencies but also for their sexual promiscuity.

7. Smart-assed Masochist (SAM)

A smart-assed-masochist is a mixture between a pain slut and brat. They show a playful side and have a quick tongue, often only to their partner and no one else. However, SAMs go further than brats because they’re masochists who crave pain, either physical or emotional.

Examples: talking back, making sarcastic jokes, mocking their Dom

8. Break Me or Tame Me Sub

A “Break Me” or “Tame Me” submissive is all about the physical struggle. They’re sometimes known as combative bottoms. The Dominant who is strong, smart, and fast enough to “break” this person will bring out their partner’s submission. Sometimes this type of submissive will become bored with their Dominant once they have been 'broken' and to satisfy those cravings will move onto a new partner.

Examples: resisting physically until restrained; fighting back - pushing and hitting; running from their partner

9. Slave

A slave turns over all control to their partner and are typically involved in 24/7 or Total Power Exchange relationships. They are often very committed, very talented, willing to sacrifice anything for their Master and willing to submit to anything their Dominant desires. 

Examples: asking permission to orgasm, eat, speak or use the bathroom; obeying orders, both explicit and implicit; completely surrendering control; being sexually available at all times


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10. Pet

Pets can include kittens, puppies, pony girls and boys, and more. They act like and bond with their owners similar to animals. Each pet type can include all sorts of different play/outfits et.

Examples: wearing pet outfits, moving on all fours on a leash, drinking out of a water bowl or eating from a pet food bowl, obeying animal commands, sleeping in a cage or kennel, making animal noises, cleaning themselves, playing with pet toys

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11. Finsub

Short for financial submissive, a finsub hands over control to their finances to their findom or findomme. Sometimes the word “paypig” is used, which usually refers to a male finsub with a findomme.

Financial domination can easily be done online or in long-distance relationships.

Examples: paying a Dominant/Domme in cash or buying them things; obeying orders of their findom, being humiliated, providing access to financial accounts, asking for the use of their own money (like an allowance)

12. Rope bunny

Submissives who love to be tied up in rope are sometimes called rope bunnies. They live for the feeling of the rope against their skin and the spaced out ‘floaty’ feeling that comes from being tied up. Their rope tops can also be called riggers. A rope bunny does not need to be a submissive; she may just be a bottom.

Examples: being bound with great patience; posing for photos

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 13. Warrior Princess

 This Warrior Princess doesn't yearn for a savior; instead, she seeks a reliable ally amid the chaos of battle. She desires a warrior who matches her chosen challenges, proving capability with or without assistance. Though fully prepared to engage in the struggle independently, she welcomes the idea of a worthy partner by her side. When the battles cease, she comfortably embraces the notion of being entirely His – heart, strength, intellect, body, and soul.

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