Traits of a Good Submissive

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Traits of a Good Submissive

The types of traits that may suggest someone is a future submissive.

-She is very sensitive to my moods, body language, and tone of voice.

-She is very sensitive to criticism.She has a child-like presence.

-She is eager to please and eager to follow suggestions.

-She is sexually aroused/fascinated by dominant presence.

-She turns to an authority/advisor when she has personal questions.

-She says something’s been missing in all her previous relationships.

-She finds herself becoming anxious coping with everyday life on her own.

-She says she feels as if she’s putting on a mask or role as an adult, an employee, a boss, a parent.

-She’s a nurturer, often being a customer service agent, a nurse, a caregiver of some kind.

-She takes on guilt that doesn’t belong to her; she tries to fix everyone’s problems.

-She feels that often people are able to take advantage of her giving nature.

-She admits to having put up powerful emotional barriers because people can hurt her so easily.

-She finds it generally hard to trust people, but paradoxically wants very badly to trust me. Conversely, she may be much too trusting in a child-like way and keeps getting hurt.

-She has always felt oddly out of place and “different” from others.

-She may even feel there is something wrong with her.

-From a young age she has found pleasure in serving others; being a good hostess, doing as she’s told, remembering everyone’s birthdays, being everyone’s shoulder to cry on and everyone’s helpmate.

-She finds it difficult to resist authority or aggressive behavior; she may have been picked on by bullies all her life.

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