Submissive fitness - being the best YOU for your Dominant

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Submissive fitness - being the best YOU for your Dominant

If you have ever being in an intense scene with your Dom and the next day (or next few days) not been able to move, you are not alone! Sometimes the heavy muscles are part of a sub-drop and just needs you to give yourself lots of self-care and aftercare if you are with your Dom. But often it is also the strain on your body from whatever you did in your play ... whether it was your core muscles getting a good workout as you held yourself in good posture in your special kneeling position or your leg muscles from trying to stand upright while there were lots of exciting things being done to you, the toll on your body from a heavy impact play session, or the strange but wonderful and intense bondage positions while you were tied up. All those things are amazing and you might enjoy feeling the painful reminder of it for the next few days! But it does help to be in good shape.

The benefits of exercise in BDSM and D/s relationships is not just about being able to endure a huge session. The endorphins from exercise are great for improving your mental health especially for post-play days, but also all the time! Not only will your body start to feel good, but your mind will too. As submissives (speaking generally, because each one of us is different), we want to make our Dominant so happy and proud ... proud to be our Dominant, happy and proud to own us and just all-round proud of us! Feeling good about your body and looking good, and working out knowing that you are doing it not just for yourself, but especially for your Dominant is a great thing! We want to be the best we can possibly be for Him/Her and part of that is making sure we are healthy. Plus knowing that we look good or are working on parts of our body that we maybe want to improve on is a great incentive to start getting fit and staying fit!

How you workout and what you do depends on who you are! You might feel unfit so need to start with some cardio, feel not very strong so integrate some strength training into your routine, or your Dom might love putting you into fun positions that require you to be flexible with good core strength to be able to stay in position so you might need yoga or pilates. Or there might be parts of your body you want to work on ... your tummy might need some toning or your booty might need some lifting! There are a myriad of options for exercises you can do from your own home. While going to a gym can be great fun especially if you go together, getting together a few pieces of equipment or even just using your own body without any extra exercise toys, can be just as effective. Why not talk to your Dominant about setting an exercise routine or ritual that you come up with together; maybe you get rewards when you feel up your sticker chart with a week of stickers! Or perhaps you would like to do it with the motivation of an exciting yet looming punishment if you don't do it ... or semi-follow your routine for a cheeky funishment.

We love BDSM and we love feeling healthy. The way you choose to live your healthy lifestyle is completely up to you, but adding up all the benefits to you, your Dom and your relationship, we think fitness for submissives is a great type of play and activity to incorporate into your beautiful relationship!

PS. Written by a submissive. Not a doctor. Before starting any new exercise routine, consult a medical professional.

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  • Victoria

    Wow, I am so excited to see that other submissives think about exercise, diet, and routine as part of their submission, part of their duties
    Thank you

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