Practical slave positions

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Practical slave positions

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This article is meant to be a starting point or template for slave training and positions. If you are in a D/s, power exchange relationship, slave positions are a great element to add to the submissive headspace. I use the term “slave” interchangeably with submissive, bottom, etc. As your relationship evolves, so too will your slave positions.

Everyone has different needs and physical limitations, so as the Dominant, have some leniency while your slave is getting used to the different body positions. You may find that one position exacerbates an old shoulder injury or perhaps your slave is not flexible enough to achieve another. All of the following examples can be modified or simply removed all together in lieu of an alternative.

Finally, you may find that all of these wacky positions are completely unnecessary to your dynamic. That’s totally fine! I know plenty of couples who rely on the tried and true kneeling position as their one and only. The beauty of kink and D/s is the constant open communication and evolution that comes with your relationship.

anniebear my submissive presented the following slave positions to me, which I found to be delightful! If anyone has any information on where these came from, please contact us! The website cited on the image is no longer operational. As you can see, there a multitude of options to fit almost any body type and physical ability.

Submissive positions

We took the liberty of staging a fun photoshoot with Cupcake Sinclair, photographed by RC Photography to demonstrate the positions. I’ve outlined the merits and potential difficulties with each, as well as the usefulness of said position.


Submissive waiting position

This position is great for beginners. The original example has the slave up on her toes as well, but I prefer flat feet. However, if the slave is wearing heels then this position can become uncomfortable after a long period of time. I like this one as it shows respect and patience in the part of the slave.

Hands and Endure

Submissive hands position

Submissive endure position

Similar positions but for very different purposes. Hands can be used as a precursor to play. The slave presents their hands to be cuffed or to hold an implement for example. Endure is a fitting title for this one; a punishment position. I can tell you first hand that these are anniebear’s least favorite positions due to the discomfort and difficulty holding one’s body in such a way. These are positions that have to be worked up to and the slave will most certainly break a sweat as they gain strength and endurance for this over time. anniebear experienced a bit of self-loathing at only being able to hold these for a short time at first. It’s a nice goal to set for them.


Submissive wall position

I think a more fitting name for this would be Present or Inspect (this one comes next). Obviously a slave must lean against a wall for this one. However, they are completely exposed and presenting the ass which is fitting. This position could be used a temporary play positions for spanking and other impact play. It’s also an advantageous position for anal training, but that’s the topic for another article 


Submissive inspect position

I disagree with the name for this one as well. In the original example, the slave has her feet slightly crossed and is on tiptoe. It makes it difficult to inspect the most sensitive areas. I would have the slave stand, feet spread and flat footed, similar to Wait. This is the most traditional version of this position that I’ve seen.


Submissive expose position

The name is obvious. I could picture sitting a slave in a corner at a public dungeon or play party in this position. for all to see. This would be very fun if your slave is into humiliation. This is a great position to apply nipple clamps or for some tickle torture.

Punishment and Humble

Submissive punishment position

These positions are fantastic. It really puts the slave in a vulnerable spot, especially if they happen to be blindfolded. Punishment has the ankles up off of the floor; I suspect the punishment is the painful position, however, it limits the access to the ass. It does however, offer the ankles up to be cuffed. Humble would be used if the slave committed an infringement and were humbling themselves to their Master in an apology, hands and arms spread straight out before them. They could then be instructed to move into the punishment position.


Submissive floor position

In my opinion this is the lowest of the low, the most emotionally severe of the positions. Instructing your slave to lie face down on the floor makes them the dirt. For me this is a punishment position. I could see variations of this used for play positions but I reserve this one for when I’m extremely displeased, beyond punishment even. The slave is essentially the floor I walk upon and nothing more in that moment.

Rest and Kneel

Submissive rest position

Submissive kneel position

The most traditional and widely used positions, these are usually the most comfortable for slaves to hold for longer periods of time. Often a Dominant will give their slave the freedom to move into Rest once they become too fatigued in the Kneel position. You can also offer different protocols for where the gaze may be held, opting for eyes downcast submissively or giving the freedom to look around but avoid eye contact with others. The options are limitless.


Submissive rear position

Fittingly named, the slave bends at the waist, sticking their butt out. This is an uncomfortable yet humiliating position.


As a side note from Master's lovely, our kneeling position is different. We sit on our bottoms with a straight back and chest out, and have our palms facing upwards on our legs!

Submissive kneeling for her dominant

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  • Dennis DeVaney

    Insightful. Men have renamed many of the traditional poses.. even added new ones. The older is always better.

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