Grind your way to orgasmic experiences!

Grind your way to orgasmic experiences!


While G-spot orgasms and penetrative play are AAAAAHHHHH-mazing, there is also something sensual and special about humping and grinding, whether you use it as a foreplay tool to get you aroused or take a wild grinding ride until you reach your waves of pleasure and ecstasy!

Grinding and rubbing, without penetration, can be incredibly arousing and pleasurable, whether it is just a pillow, your partner or anything you can think of! For a lot of people, that initial touch and rubbing is how you first began to experience pleasure. For others, that sensation is what you need in foreplay and the magical friction can be the beginning of a sensuous orgasmic sexy play time. 

There are a lot of vibrators and dildos out there with all sorts of different sensation-making tools, whether you are into fantasy dildos, thrusting vibrators, sucking vibrators or just a traditional rabbit vibrator. We love them all! But sometimes if penetration isn't an option or if you just want something to push your body against or you just want to try something new (because who doesn't love finding new ways to introduce pleasure into your life!), a sex grinder might be the next best thing you have bought! 

Hump yourself into oblivion and have fun on your own or with your partner and become a grindster!

Our new stock of grinders includes just the grinder that come in a range of designs with bumps and ridges for extra stimulation, or we have other options that include belts/straps to attach it to a chair or cushion, and some even have bullet vibrators that you can insert into your grinder for extra clitoral and vulva pleasure! We would suggest using them with loads of lube for a slippery slidey extra stimulating experience!

 Wet Stuff Slippery
Wet Stuff 5kg


Wet Stuff Warming


(Highly recommended to use with our grinders)


Take a look through them all and see what you like and add to your toy collection so you have something for whatever mood you are in!


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