Get fit in your D/s relationship with a forced exercise ritual!

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Get fit in your D/s relationship with a forced exercise ritual!

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Being in Los Angeles, we have the advantage of many many types of dungeons, events, classes, and munches. But what if you live in a place that does not offer this type of diversity? We hope this ongoing BDSM scene idea series gives you some good ammunition to practice in the privacy of your own home.

This week we’re offering exercise scene ideas, inspired by a local forced exercise class at Dungeon East hosted by the talented Mistress Justine Cross and personal trainer Samuel Every. anniebear was lead through a series of exercises, but no tapping out if she got too tired. Mistress was at the ready with a crop for those lazy booties!

What you will need:
-Honestly, nothing! All you need is an open space for your bottom/slave/submissive to move about. But here are some recommended, optional accessories:
-yoga or exercise mat
-terrible (to your submissive’s tastes) music
-hitting implements-crop, cane, flogger, etc.
-timer or stopwatch (most phones these days come with time keeping apps)

You can prep this scene by scheduling an “exercise night” with your submissive. Give the illusion that you two are going to workout together and have them be at the ready in workout clothes on the designated date night. You should also show up in work out clothes too just to keep things going. If they pepper you with questions about the impending workout, simply say it’s a surprise but that you’re pretty sure they’ll enjoy it.

Begin with a quick interrogation of their recent eating and exercise habits. anniebear has a rule that she cannot eat sweets without asking permission so this would be a good time to see if the rule was broken. The fun part about this scene is it does not matter if your submissive is a health nut or hasn’t seen the inside of a gym in ten years, you can modify your torment to fit their abilities. We always recommend sticking to moderate/easy exercises unless you’re a trained professional. This is also the time to check in on any injuries new or old that they’ve sustained.

Once you’ve determined how good or bad they’ve been that week, let the exercise begin! I know one Master that makes his slave disrobe before the workout, thus enhancing the humiliation of the scene. The choice is entirely up to you. You’ll want to start every good work out with a stretch. Focus on lots of stretches that require bending over to better access the rear. You can deliver some good swats or spanks while they focus on stretching. Then of course, arms up to the sky to stretch the torso and torment the nipples.

For a warm up, start with jumping jacks. Put some music on that you know your slave will hate; anniebear particularly “enjoys” heavy metal/grunge (where the guy is kind of screaming over the top of a beat) or Britney Spears. Between each jumping jack, you’ll have access to swat or tease the genitals. Have them keep doing the jumping jacks until they’re a bit out of breath. You can introduce a stopwatch or timer, having them count aloud the number of jumping jacks they can accomplish in a certain time period. If they meet certain goals you can reward them…with more spankings of course!

Next, we’ll lay down on the floor for everyone’s favorite, sit ups! Sit ups or crunches are really hard for a lot of people. This would be a good time to offer some positive reinforcement and encouragement while at the same time reminding them that if they do not complete a set goal for number of crunches then they will be punished. If your submissive looks a little “heated” you can cool them down with a surprise, swift spray in the face with a spray/misting water bottle. The reaction will be hilarious!

Moving on to push ups. During this “workout” it’s important to recognize what your submissive is actually able to do and stick to that. However, you both may find your own joy in “making” them try to do one whole push up or pull up if that’s where they’re at physically. Some folks are into the humiliation aspect of it. It all depends what you’ve negotiated. The push up is a great opportunity to offer swats to the behind or increase difficulty by propping your feet on their back while they labor away. You can also focus n the under size by teasing or pinching the nipples.

Get creative with this scene! The possibilities are only limited by your submissive’s abilities and even then you can modify almost any task to make it less difficult. Do you have any funny or clever forced exercise ideas? We’d love to hear about it! Happy sweating (and swatting)!

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