Characteristics of a Natural Submissive

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Characteristics of a Natural Submissive


In the intricate tapestry of the BDSM lifestyle, where consent, communication, and trust form the pillars of intimate connection, the role of a submissive is one that demands both self-awareness and a profound understanding of their partner's desires. As we delve into the dynamics of power exchange and explore the realms of pleasure, it becomes apparent that the qualities of a remarkable submissive extend far beyond the superficial stereotypes often associated with BDSM. This article seeks to unravel the nuances of submission, shedding light on the characteristics that distinguish exceptional submissives in the BDSM community. From unwavering communication skills to a deep commitment to personal growth, these traits not only define the submissive role but also contribute to the creation of meaningful, consensual, and fulfilling relationships within the BDSM spectrum.  

What are some discernible traits of a submissive individual that become apparent before they discover BDSM or even recognize their inclination towards submission?

  • She is very sensitive to my moods, body language, and tone of voice. She is very sensitive to criticism.
  • She tries hard to understand me and my likes.
  • She has a child-like presence.
  • She is eager to please me and eager to follow my suggestions.
  • She is sexually aroused/fascinated by my dominant presence.
  • She turns to me as an authority/advisor when she has personal questions.
  • She says something’s been missing in all her previous relationships.
  • She finds herself becoming anxious coping with everyday life on her own.
  • She says she feels as if she’s putting on a mask or role as an adult, an employee, a boss, a parent.
  • She’s a nurturer, often being a customer service agent, a nurse, a caregiver of some kind.
  • She takes on guilt that doesn’t belong to her; she tries to fix everyone’s problems.
  • She feels that often people are able to take advantage of her giving nature.
  • She admits to having put up powerful emotional barriers because people can hurt her so easily.
  • She finds it generally hard to trust people, but paradoxically wants very badly to trust me. Conversely, she may be much too trusting in a child-like way and keeps getting hurt.
  • She has always felt oddly out of place and “different” from others. She may even feel there is something wrong with her.
  • From a young age she has found pleasure in serving others; being a good hostess, doing as she’s told, remembering everyone’s birthdays, being everyone’s shoulder to cry on and everyone’s helpmate.
  • She finds it difficult to resist authority or aggressive behavior; she may have been picked on by bullies all her life.

This compilation represents a collection of insights gathered over the years, highlighting specific traits that indicate a natural inclination towards submission and an effortless integration into the submissive lifestyle.

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