A to Z of kinks and fetishes!

A to Z of kinks and fetishes!

Here is a fun list of kinks and fetishes. Definitely not an exhaustive list as there are lots of others and includes some you may have never heard of or never want to try, but others might. And in the BDSM lifestyle, we do not judge. Embrace your kink!

(And remember when engaging with any of these playstyles or kinks, it is all between two consenting adults!)


  • Abrasions - people who are into this like giving or receiving cuts and scrapes
  • Acarophilia - arousal from scratching
  • Actirasty - arousal by the rays of the sun (ie. fun outdoor fuckery!)
  • Age play - one or both partners pretend to be a different age/stage (eg. adult baby, Daddy and daughter). Some kinksters differentiate between age play and DDLG
  • Altocalciphilia - a fetish for high heels
  • Amaurophilia - kink for being blindfolded 
  • Anal - penetration, sex, training and anal toys worn under clothing - self-explanatory: lovers of all things anal!
  • Aquaphilia - fetish for water and having sex in or around water
  • Asphyxiation - a very dangerous kink that should be approached with caution! Choking, smothering and strangulation


  • Bathroom control - when the Dominant controls the submissives bathroom habits. Not to be done to the extreme though as that can be dangerous
  • Begging - a kink for begging and pleading (ie. to have sex, to orgasm, to perform an act)
  • Bimbofication - the process of making someone into a bimbo or being a bimbo
  • Blindfolds - bondage that blocks a person's vision (see amaurophilia)
  • Bondage - restraint of a person either with physical items or instruction (eg mental bondage). Can be full body or just a single body part
  • Body modification - kink for changing the appearance of a body eg. tattoos to piercings
  • Branding - marking someone with a word or symbol using heat
  • Breath play - this is a type of edge play that is DANGEROUS - choking and limiting breath
  • Breast/nipple torture - the breast equivalent of CBT - hitting, pinching, bondage and other methods of inflicting pain onto the breasts and nipples
  • Breast/nipple worship - worshipping someone's breasts or nipples


  • Caning - hitting someone with a rod/cane)
  • CBT - cock and ball torture. This can be dangerous and a form of punishment. It an involve shoes, sounding, stretching, impact toys
  • Chastity - a fetish where someone's access to their genitals is blocked eg. cock cages or chastity belts
  • Choking - a type of breath play which is edge play and DANGEROUS. Do not choke someone especially not until they pass out - this can lead to brain damage
  • Claustrophilia - the opposite of claustrophobia, so the arousal of being confined in small spaces
  • Clothed sex (endytophilia) - a kink for having sex while fully or partially clothed (eg. lifting up a skirt or dress or pushing underwear to the side
  • Cock worship - verbal, physical and mental adoration of a penis, including strap ons
  • Collaring - for submissives, the act of wearing a collar shows submission, loyalty and/or devotion to their Dominant. It may be worn just in play or discreetly in public
  • Consensual non-consent - play where both parties have given prior consent for activities that may appear to involve non-consent eg. rape play. It must be done with prior negotiations and consent and safewords should always still be in play
  • Corsetry - the act of wearing a corset to change the shape and size of a body
  • Cross-dressing - dressing like the opposite sex
  • Cunnilingus - receiving oral sex as a woman or giving it as a man or woman (pussy worship)
  • Cupping - small cups or jars suction to the skin resulting in light bruising and a tight feeling


  • Dacryphilia - arousal caused by crying or tears
  • Degradation - being spoken down to or acts of humiliation
  • Diapers - usually related to age play
  • Discipline - giving or receiving punishment for perceived or defined infractions
  • Dirty talking - maybe a kink? Do it in intense extreme ways and you can consider it a fetish!
  • Double penetration - penetration of a woman's vagina and ass at the same time (whether with toys or penises or both)
  • DVP - double vaginal penetration. Two penises or one penis and a toy in the vagina


  • Edge play - any fetish or kink that is more risky or extreme eg. breath play, choking, fire play, knife play, blood play
  • Elastophilia - fetish for stretchy materials like spandex, silicone or latex
  • Electric play - play safely with TENS units or violet wands
  • Enemas - inserting a liquid like water into the anus to clean out the rectum usually as preparation for anal play but it could also be a form of punishment or control
  • Exhibitionism - fetish for being naked with people watching


  • Face fucking - a rough mouth fucking which can lead to tears, gagging and vomiting
  • Face sitting - a woman sitting on a man's face while he performs oral
  • Face slapping - brings you to attention and corrects your mistakes
  • Fellatio - not a kink or fetish but related to face fucking (blow job)
  • Figging - using peeled ginger to create a burning sensation
  • Fighting/wrestling - play fighting and wrestling is sexy!
  • Fire play - edge play involving flames and fire. Play carefully!
  • Fisting - penetration with a full hand
  • Flogging (flagellation) - hitting someone with a flogger
  • Food play - incorporating food into sexual activities eg. using someone as a table, covering someone's body with food and licking it off
  • Foot fetish (podophilia) - enjoys feet sexually
  • Frotting - rubbing of two penises together
  • Furries - dressing as animals or humanoid animal creatures (this is not always a sexual fetish)


  • Gags - form of mouth bondage
  • Golden showers - piss play; watersports
  • Group sex (polyiterophilia) - threesomes or group sex situations


  • Harpaxophiia - fetish for being robbed
  • Helplessness - fetish for feeling helpless and a victim (sometimes in roleplay eg. robber, kidnapper and being saved)
  • Hypnotism - could be a type of consensual nonconsent or roleplay with sex magician and assistant
  • Hypoxia - fetish for being submerged under water to restrict breathing. This is very very DANGEROUS


  • Immobility - kink involving bondage and forced feeding
  • Impact play - activities involving hitting with toys or hands
  • Infantilism - type of ageplay where someone plays a baby eg. pacifiers, diapers, bottles


  • Katoptronophilia - fetish for having sex in front of mirrors
  • Kagurumi - fetish for wearing anime masks
  • Knife play - edge play involving knives or blades


  • Lactation - fetish about breastfeeding and suckling milk
  • Latex/rubber - fetish for latex, PVC, rubber and similar materials!


  • Maschalagnia - fetish about arousal from armpits - kissing, licking, smelling or inserting penises into them
  • Masochism - enjoyment of pain, punishment and torture
  • Medical play - role play involving medical scenarios, implements and/or uniforms eg. doctor and patient
  • Merinthophilia - fetish for bondage
  • Mess fetish (hygrohphilia) - lovers of mess created by sexual fluids
  • Mixophilia - kink to do with watching yourself having sex whether in a mirror or re-watching a video
  • Mummification - someone is bound entirely or nearly entirely to prevent all movement
  • Mysophilia - turned on by dirtied items eg. used underwear


  • Needle play - playing with needles
  • Nonconsensual (see consensual nonconsent)


  • Odaxelagnia - kink for being bitten or biting
  • Orgasm control or denial or forced orgasms - someone completely controlling their partner's orgasms


  • Penis humiliation - kink insulting a man's penis eg. size, appearance and performance
  • Pegging - anally penetrating a male with a strapon
  • Pet play - acting like a domesticated pet eg. kittens and puppies
  • Phobofilia - sexual obsession with being afraid
  • Pony play - a type of pet play where you act like a horse/pony
  • Psychrocism - fetish related to being cold or using cold objects like ice cubes or cold dildos during sex
  • Pteronphilia - kink for being tickled like by feathers


  • Rape fantasy - fetish for acting out a pretend rape (consensual nonconsent)
  • Retifism - fetish for shoes and footwear
  • Rhabdophilia - fetish for receiving physical beatings
  • Ropework - kink for rope eg. kinbaku
  • Rimming - giving or receiving rim jobs (licking anus or outside of anus)


  • Sadism - kink for providing pain (masochists and sadists make a good partnership)
  • Sensation play - a light kink exploring sensations on teh skin eg. different textures or temperatures
  • Sensory deprivation - play preventing someone from using one or more of their senses
  • Sounding - kink for urethral sounds (a tube inserted into the male's urethra)
  • Spanking - from light to extreme!
  • Stockings - do you like lace-topped, visible seams, garter belts?
  • Strap-on - fetish for using strap-ons to achieve anal, oral or vaginal penetration
  • Suspension - using ropes or harnesses to suspend someone from the ground


  • Teasing - enjoying teasing as sexual gratification
  • Tickling or tickle torture - those who enjoy surrendering control or struggling to retain it when being tickled, or being tickled to the point of urinating


  • Underwear fetish - men with this fetish will collect, wear or smell underwear
  • Uniforms - can be a great tool to have in your roleplay scenarios


  • Vincilagnia - kink for being tied up and at the mercy of another person
  • Voyerurism - kink for watching someone else while naked or engaged in sexual activity


  • Watersports - playing with urine, being peed on or urinating on another person
  • Wax play - kink of having lit candles dripping wax onto skin
  • Wet and messy (WAM) fetish - being soiled by food or other messes (also known as sploshing)


  • Zwischenstufe - sexual obsession with people of the same sex


    That's it! Do you have any others you would add to this list?






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