Creative and Unusual Punishment Ideas for Discipline

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Creative and Unusual Punishment Ideas for Discipline

This article contains some unusual and creative punishments. As with all things BDSM, every Dom and sub relationship is different. Anything can be a punishment if the discipline mindset is there! And things that are severe punishment to some submissives might be complete pleasure or a light funishment for others. Embrace the uniqueness of this lifestyle!


Why would you want to be punished?

The realm of the BDSM world is exciting! You might be just slightly kinky and want some fun punishments just in the bedroom. Or you might be in a long-term D/s relationship and include discipline and punishment as part of your dynamic.

There are no limits to the fantasy of being punished …aside from your imagination, common sense and basic rules like you need to stick within your and your sub’s limits unless you have negotiated not to!

You might use some sex toys that can be worn in public or you might incorporate physical punishments at home or in your play space. There are classic punishments and novel ones. They really are based on everyone’s creativity, personal desires and limits. One sub might be punished and be incredibly turned on and excited by it; another sub being punished the same way might find it terribly hard mentally and physically.

Popular punishments for males and females



The most common punishment people think of is spanking! An ass-whooping, a maintenance spanking … there are so many forms of it and what you call it. It provides a mixture of pleasure and pain, and you can do it in many ways and positions. If you are spanking the buttoks and thighs, many subs will become stimulated by that so the punishment is not only in the spanking itself but the fact that further sexual acts, intensely desired by the now very turned on sub, can be forbidden. You could use your hand for a good old-fashioned spanking, or try using toys for some other impact play on the bottom, like riding crops, paddles, whips or even textured gloves.


Figging originated many centuries ago and makes a sub’s insides very hot, literally! To ‘fig’ someone, a finger-sized ginger root is pelled and carved into an anal plug or dildo and then inserted into the anus or vagina. The pain and then burning sensation comes from the essential oils in the ginger. It is harmless but it is intense! You need to be careful to leave a wider part of ginger for you to hold onto, as you don’t want to be trying to dig out a disappeared piece of ginger. Play hot, but play safe!



Tickling is a torture technique and for the very ticklish sub, it can be unbearable or fun or a mixture! The Dominant can enjoy the submissive’s colourful reactions while exploring all body regions. To use tickling as a punishment, a good technique is to completely immobilise the sub because then they are completely subservient to the tickle! You can tickle the entire body but teasing tickles can be the genitals. You could use feathers, hands, sticks or anything else that will create the sensation you desire.



This is not going to be a punishment for a lot of subs who enjoy sexually servicing their Dominants in every way and however their Dominant desires, but for some it may be a type of humiliation play. Rimming is ass licking or oral on the anal! The nerve endings at the anus and buttocks are incredibly sensitive to stimulation and the tongue can be used in many ways to create divine sensations. Turning it more into a punishment might involve fixing the head of the sub so they cannot move and the Dom stretching their buttocks. There are actually special toy boxes designed specifically for this where the Dom sits and the sub is underneath and cannot escape!


Foot whipping (bastonata)

Bastonata is basically hits with a stick on the bare sole of your foot. Ouchie wha wha! It is an ancient method that was used over 3000 years ago as a punishment or torture method. The sole of the foot is an incredibly sensitive area. Foot whipping is significant harder than that of a massage and can result in an almost exploding pleasure pain. To use this as a punishment, the sub should be immobile and the Dominant can slowly increase the strength of the blows. 


Electrical stimulation

This is a more modern form of punishment and there are plenty of e-stim toys out there! Make sure you are using safe products and of course as with all other play, with consent. It intensifies the experience when the sub is tied or fixed to something and is completely at your mercy with whatever zappy toys you have!

Human furniture (forniphilia)

When you have your sub ‘become’ a piece of furniture, it can be incredibly humiliating and punishing. It isn’t just lack of mobility; it is having to become something for a period of time, for example a coat rack, footrest for your Dominant or even a table for them to eat off! Ignoring the sub while they transform into the furniture can be very much a harsh punishment and should make them very obedient afterwards. Your piece of furniture might need polishing sometimes too!

Diaper penalty

The diaper penalty is a type of humiliation that may be used by any type of sub, but perhaps less so for those into age play who enjoy wearing adult diapers. In this fetish, the submissive must be a baby and become small and helpless and wear a pacifier and diaper. It can create elements of humiliation and security. The rules might be a ban on using the toilet and having to go in the diaper or wearing a diaper under clothes in every day life. 

This is an act of consensual age play and nothing to do with actual children!

Punishments just for the girls!

Teasing and edging a woman and never allowing her to climax is a great punishment! Apart from the punishments already mentioned above, you could also include mental punishments such as ignoring.

Side note though! Ignoring a sub can be very damaging to them so if you do decide to use ignoring as part of punishments, make sure you have plenty of aftercare with a lot of verbal reassurance afterwards.

Other ideas:

  • Not being allowed to orgrasm
  • Eating off a plate on the floor
  • Pleasuring her Dominant without hands or mouth
  • Cleaning naked
  • Doing chores around the house with bell clamps on and not being allowed to have them ring
  • Ice cubes over her naked body
  • Keep her blindfolded for hours
  • Wearing insertable sex toys out in public with the remote in the hands of her Dominant


Punishments just for the men

There are a huge number of options for punishments from physical torture to humiliating nicknames!

Other ideas other than those listed above:

  • Kiss their Dom’s feet;
  • Lying underneath the dining table like a dog
  • Wearing makeup
  • Wearing a urethral sound for a day
  • Having to respond to pet commands like Sit! Speak! Down! Lick!
  • Using his erect cock as a towel holder
  • Cock and ball torture toys
  • Orgasm ban
  • Crawling for 24 hours
  • Wearing a butt plug while grocery shopping
  • Asking permission for everything
  • Cock cages/chastity requirements

Rules for punishments


As with all BDSM play, regardless of whether it is a punishment or a play scene, set a safeword in advance. If your sub is unable to vocalise a safeword, come up with a different option like a bell. This is to keep you both safe and it also can allow you to stretch boundaries (if that is negotiated) as you can go to harder limits in a more relaxed way knowing you can stop at any time

Communication - talk before you do it!

It doesn’t matter if you are heading into a severe punishment, a funishment, or a play scene. Talk about your limits and what you consent to. By knowing that in advance, you can have a longer, more intense, more fulfilling scene rather than safewording part way through to discuss what you are not comfortable with.

Stay sober!

Never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when you are talking prior to play or when you are playing! It distorts your sense of pain and affects your inhibitions.

Don’t play while you are emotionally charged and angry

If this is a punishment and not just a play punishment, do not do it while you are so full of heightened emotion. Wait until things have settled and you have talked and then play. You should never be playing while you are angry as it could result in using unagreed levels of force or emotionally damaging your sub.



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