'Twas the Night before Kinkmas

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'Twas the Night before Kinkmas

(Source unknown)

Twas the night before Kinkmas, when all thro' my Dungeon
Not a masochist was stirring, there was no one to bludgeon.

The floggers were hung on the wall with care,
Knowing that clothed asses soon would be bare.

My submissives were nestled all snug in their cage,
with visions of their Master, and being tied on his stage.

When up in the bedroom I was mad as a hatter,
I wanted to use my girls and leave them in tatters.

Away to the dungeon I flew like a flash,
tore open their cage, and demanded an ass I could thrash.

The moon on their skin, the colour of new fallen snow,
set me alight inside with a desire to set them aglow.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a precious lovely and pet ready to get me a beer.

With a little old belt strap, so lively and quick,
their cries would grow louder, lick after lick.

More rabid than wolves my desires they came,
and I growled, and howled, feeling no shame.

“Now flogging! Now whipping! Now spanking and paddles,
On the floor, on your knees! Not on a bed on your back.”
Your eyes saying please as my tools go crack.

"From kneeling on the floor to chained to the wall!
"Now take it! Now take it! Now you’re taking it all!"

My arms move as the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with their asses, their eyes continue to cry.

So down in the dungeon a blur of whips as they flew,
With the wall full of toys—and my bare hands too.

And then in a twinkling, they heard their Master say,
I’m proud of you girls, in each and every way.

As I put their heads in my hands, and turned them around,
I kissed away their tears and their hands were unbound.

I kissed them away from their head to their foot,
I carried them up, and to my bed they were put.

Their bodies marked with love and their eyes heavy with sleep,
unable to talk, for their subspace too deep.

But they heard me whisper, as I turned out the light:
Merry Kinkmas my girls you’re safe in my arms tonight.

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