Position Training and Submissive Positions

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Position Training and Submissive Positions

What is position training and why should you do it?

Position training is the teaching of a submissive in the BDSM lifestyle to learn a set of special positions. The Dominant teaches the positions which the submissive should memorise and also corrects any errors the submissive makes when performing them.

It can be used in formal settings together with voice training, obedience training and speech training.

But why we hear you ask?

  1. The Dominant may have preferred or desired positions he likes to see his submissive in and can take pride in her/him when he can use one word and she knows the exact position to take. 
  2. It is a bonding experience between Dom and sub away from intense play and reinforces the power play dynamic. If the Dominant can say 'Kneel' and the submissive knows without thinking how to get into kneeling position and stay that way, it is emphasising the fact that the Dominant has complete control of her body.
  3. It can improve the submissive's fitness, whether by increasing flexibility or just endurance from staying in a position for a certain length of time.
  4. It is a great tool to help the submissive's headspace. It can help to calm them if they are feeling a bit excited and jumpy! And if they have come from a vanilla setting (eg. a day in the workplace), it can help to prepare their mind and get them into their submissive mindset if they have a big divide between their everyday mode and submissive mode.
  5. And it is fun! You can play games like Simon Says but Master Says. Maybe the Dominant will have ideas for rewards for their submissive if they perform well, or maybe the submissive will just love the feel of their Dominant's hands moving her body into the right position and just hearing praise when it is done well. Or maybe you could bring in some light punishments for if the submissive can't remember a position, can't do the position correctly, or can't stay in the position for the length of time the Dominant wanted! Or you could incorporate them into play and the submissive has to stay in a position while you do some impact play and they get punished if they fall out of position.

Take care with the health of the submissive below as you don't want to cause stress or discomfort on their body, so monitor them as you go through positions to make sure their body is okay.


You might like to just do it every now and again or you might create rituals out of them. Or maybe it doesn't really work for your dynamic!  We love them though and we hope this gives you some ideas if you do choose to incorporate them into your D/s relationship!


Submissive Positions

Below are two images of the most well known positions. The most common and amazing one: KNEELING! It can make a submissive feel calm and get them into the right headspace to submit fully to their Dominant. As with all things BDSM, you can adapt these to suit you. Maybe your sub has a medical issue which means some of them can't be performed exactly as pictured ... no problem, just create your own new positions that suit you because that is the beauty of our BDSM lifestyle. We make it our own and we make it something we love!


*** These articles have been written by people from their perspectives and personal experiences.
Please excuse the references to Dom, Domme, he, she etc....
Simply put, if you're focusing on that you are missing the entire point of the article and the kink value of acceptance. ***



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