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Kink Collective

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Kink Collective

We are a group of Creatives, Artists, Kinksters and Alternatives...

The collective was an evolution of a group of friends and now includes people of all different levels of engagement, skill and creativity. 

Our Facility in Brisbane, Australia is by Appointment Only and

Only Open to Photography Sessions



House of Dasein Values


Knowledge is a Power and a Responsibility

Knowledge should be passed on and accepted in return 

Do not Salt the Earth

Do not leave a person worse than you found them, better them

Do not steal time

Do not lead another into false thought or expectation

Tell Truths

Tell the Truth, it hurts less than a lie especially when speaking to yourself

Do Not Determine Your Worth Through Another

Do not push others down or compete against another to make yourself feel better or worse

Normal is Boring

No one is normal so stop comparing yourself to it 


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The House of Dasein Sex Toys and Apparel

Welcome to House of Dasein, your ultimate destination for the most comprehensive selection of kink, fetish, and sensual delights. As connoisseurs of pleasure, we have curated an extraordinary collection that caters to every aspect of your desires, whether you crave the thrill of dominance and submission or seek the allure of standard vanilla pleasures.

Step into House of Dasein, where boundaries are explored, passions are awakened, and inhibitions are left behind. Our extensive range of meticulously handpicked toys encompasses a spectrum of experiences, from the exhilarating world of BDSM to the realm of intimate connections. Indulge in the art of restraint with our seductive cuffs, explore sensory delights with our exquisite blindfolds, or surrender to the intoxicating sensations of impact play with our range of paddles and floggers.

But House of Dasein goes beyond just kink and fetish. We understand that pleasure comes in many forms, and that's why we also offer a remarkable selection of standard vanilla sex toys. From elegant vibrators to discreet pleasure accessories, we believe in celebrating all aspects of human sexuality and providing a diverse range to suit every taste and desire.

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