Spoils Of War Episode 1: Aimee And Pippa By Henry Sparrowhawk 2016 Scifi Bdsm/Bondage Sex Slavery Training

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About the Author

Henry Sparrowhawk is a Featured Author of the House of Dasein

Greetings, friends of Akkadis! Welcome to the Henry Sparrowhawk author page. Five years ago I gave up my rather boring job to do the work I had always wanted to do: writing. The result was the Atkoi War Trilogy and the Atkoi Slave Girl series. The new Spoils of War series contains rewritten, edited and extended stories from these books, divided into novella length episodes. I began writing because I love good quality bdsm / domination literature. I wanted to create believable characters that the reader can empathise with, realistic situations and a good storyline. I also love the old science fiction classics: Asimov, Poul Anderson, Heinlein and Frank Herbert. 'Spoils of War' begins in the year 2999. Man has colonised the stars: his vast Empire encompasses a thousand inhabited worlds, but its rulers have become weak and complacent. On its borders are the Atkoi tribes, descendants of human settlers centuries before, who have long since reverted to barbarism. Now, for the first time, the Atkoi are united under a single charismatic ruler, Rurik, Great Kzam of All the Atkoi. As the Empire's ruling elite try to appease the Atkoi, their demands grow steadily greater. On remote planets on the fringes of the Empire, the innocent victims pay a terrible price for Empire's weakness. The Kzam has promised his followers rich pickings from the wealthy conquered worlds: land, plunder... and beautiful women, many of whom are destined for the slave markets of the rogue planet Akkadis, notorious for its slave brothels, harems and its Arena, where slave girls perform in degrading public performances. The 'Spoils of War' series follows the stories of some of those slave girls as they submit to the realities of their new lives and adapt to their circumstances. If this sounds like something from antiquity, from the days of Attila the Hun, perhaps, or Genghis Khan, you are of course right. But it is also happening today. And if man ever does conquer the stars, it will still happen. Civilisation is not inevitable. It rises and falls. Perhaps the whole of human history is the story of the conflict between civilisation and barbarism. Enjoy reading the books! And do please write a review or make a comment. I welcome such feedback. I am particularly interested to know which characters and situations you enjoyed reading about most. With best wishes, Henry Sparrowhawk

About the Story

Yesterday, Pippa and Clara were free. Today the pretty blonde twins are slaves, kneeling terrified, naked and ashamed at their masters' feet, together with their mother Annamarie and their friend Aimee. Their fate is to be transported beyond the borders of the Empire, beyond any hope of rescue, and sold in the slave markets of the rogue planet Akkadis, notorious for its slave brothels, breeding farms, harems, and its barbaric Arena. It is the year 2999. On the borders of Man's vast Empire, the Atkoi tribes, human but long since reverted to barbarism, are preparing for war. As a weak emperor tries in vain to appease them, an interstellar passenger liner is boarded, looted and plundered. The most beautiful young women aboard, including Pippa and Clara Warburton and Aimee Pembroke, are spared - if 'spared' is the correct word. They begin a nightmare voyage to Akkadis. There they are paraded and exposed for sale in a humiliating public slave auction. They are trained to obey and serve their new masters and then sold, either to primitive desert tribesman or the planet's infamous 'pleasure houses' where slave girls dance naked on the stage for the leering audience and entertain customers upstairs for the price of a few solidi... and those who fail to meet their 'sales targets' face painful, public and humiliating discipline on the dreaded weekly Entertainment Night for the amusement of the baying audience. No allowance is made for shy, modest girls, new to the collar. To survive, they will learn to submit, and obey, and to please their new masters. There is only one man who can save them. His name is Scamander: Archpriest Peter Scamander. Scamander is on Akkadis on the Emperor's business, but he has reasons of his own for ignoring the girls' plight. They soon realise they are the helpless pawns in a power game, victims of a betrayal of cosmic proportions. But Akkadis holds a dark secret which may offer the girls a glimmer of hope - a chance for freedom and revenge - if they dare to seize it. Sometimes the best weapons of the weak are the mistakes of those who think they are strong. OBEDIENT SLAVE GIRLS, RUTHLESS BRIGANDS, CONNIVING TRAITORS AND A DECAYING EMPIRE FACING A BARBARIAN HORDE WHICH HAS ACQUIRED FASTER-THAN-LIGHT WARSHIPS AND MODERN WEAPONS... EROTIC DOMINATION / BDSM / SCI-FI ON A GALACTIC SCALE... IF YOU HAVEN'T DISCOVERED HENRY SPARROWHAWK YET, YOU'RE IN FOR A TREAT.

SciFi BDSM/Bondage Sex Slavery / Training

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